For more than four decades Dobie Gray’s distinctive voice has graced record charts all over the world. It is not an understatement to say that he is a singer’s singer - a songwriter’s songwriter.

Through his prodigious talent and fluid performing style, this multi-talented performer has earned the respect and admiration of his peers. In his long and distinguished career, Dobie has had the good fortune to record numerous career songs, any of which would have sustained another artist throughout their entire career.

From 1965’s “The In Crowd” to “Drift Away” and “Loving Arms,” Dobie has demonstrated his wide - ranging musical tastes. But, as great as the songs are, what really set them apart from so many other great songs was...that voice!
Born into a family of sharecroppers in Simonton, Texas, and greatly influenced by his Grandfather, a Baptist Minister, Dobie’s life revolved around family, the church and music. Thus, Gospel, Country, Tex-Mex and R& B have all found a comfortable home in his repertoire.

Moving from Texas to California in the early 60’s, Dobie met Sonny Bono, then A&R manager for Specialty Records. That encounter led to his first notable single, "Look At Me." (later recorded by The Righteous Brothers). Although "Look At Me" remained on the charts a healthy five weeks, Dobie’s real breakthrough came in 1965 with the release of "The 'In' Crowd."

In Hollywood he enrolled in acting classes, and appeared in Theatre-group Productions, including "A Raisin In The Sun," "The Amen Corner," "Look Homeward Angel" and "Rhinoceros." His dramatic gifts eventually landed him a role in the L.A. production of the Mega – Hit, Musical "Hair," in which he remained for two and a half years.

Dobie’s voice was also being heard on a number of motion picture soundtracks: Uptown Saturday Night, Casey’s Shadow, The Commitment and Dick Clark’s teen musical extravaganza, "Out Of Sight, among them. (Today, his compositions can be heard on Movie and TV Soundtracks around the globe.)

"See You At The Go Go"

"The 'In' Crowd"

"Look At Me"

Sonny Bono


"Drift Away"


"Loving Arms"

During his three-year tenure as a Staff-Writer at Almo/Irving Publishing, Dobie’s Vocal talents landed him a recording contract with MCA Records, in late 1973.

"Drift Away," still heralded as his signature tune, was written by Mentor Williams, and his follow-up, "Loving Arms," written by Tom Jans, and produced by Williams, has been covered by everyone from Elvis to Ray Charles.

While Dobie enjoyed moderate success as a composer, in Hollywood, the true persona of Dobie Gray - the songwriter - began to emerge in earnest, and given his Country - Gospel roots, his next move was not surprising.

With more than a little trepidation and the absolute conviction that he could become a "polished" Songwriter, he traded the bright lights of L.A. for the southern graces of Nashville, Tennessee. The move was well timed. Though his reputation as a consummate performer was accelerating toward international prominence and new-found stardom, Nashville would afford him peace and tranquility after his travels abroad. Above all, though, it would bring him a feeling of belonging in Music City U.S.A.’s community of auspicious Songwriters - many of whom became his friends during the recording of his three albums for MCA, at Quadrafonic Studios, on 18th Avenue.






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