Hey there Dobie!

Have always been a big fan and will enjoy your music and stylings the rest of my time! Just wanted you to know that just this last weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) KLUV in Dallas had their TOP 500 Countdown and "Drift Away" came out on top! Quite an accomplishment to be voted the Number One Song by the listeners of Dallas/ Ft. Worth! Above and beyond the likes of Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles just to name a few! Congratulations and thank you so much for the gift of music you've given us for all these years!
Take care, fine Sir, and may God bless you and yours!

Sincerely, Anthony and Ann Miller


just a quick thank you...for all the memories drift away fills my mind every time i hear it... all the best to you Dobie... and God Bless

Don Capone


To whom it may concern,

My name is David Agius and I am writing this email to you from Malta.

I lived in Australia for 30 years between 1963- 1993. I have been hooked on Dobie Gray music since the early 70's since I heard about him for the first time.

When I lived in Australia I used to do radio programs, which I always used to include Dobie Gray music. Once a year, I also used to do the Dobie Gray program. which used to include his life story plus his records. The program used to go down extremely well with the listeners.

Here in Malta I do radio programs consisting of 50's, 60's and country music, especially Dobie Gray kind of music. I still do a program once a year about Dobie Gray here also, and it also is enjoyed by my listeners.

I will be most obliged if you could send me a photograph, possibly signed by Dobie Gray ,so that I can hang it with the rest of my collection in my records room.

Thank you Dobie, for all the you contribution you had given to the music world, and all the happiness you have brought into our lives

Hope to hear from you soon,

David Agius

Dear Dobie,

Today my ten year old son, Jacob, who enjoys listening to music, called me at work and asked me to bring home my Ipod. He said he had a music assignment due next week for his music appreciation class. His assignment was to pick a song that represents the type of music he enjoys listening to. He then had to answer several questions including, identifying the writer, the performer, type of music, what the song is trying to tell you or what it means to you. For extra credit you can bring in the lyrics to school. They will be playing the song in school.

Of the several thousand songs on my Ipod, which is really the "family" Ipod, he narrowed it down to two: "Drift Away" and "Train in Vain" by the Clash ("Say you stand by your man"). I did not influence him at all on his choices. He fell in love with the Clash from our brief car rides (we live in Manhattan) where we tend to listen to music as a family. We listen to very diverse music as a family and are always (or frequently) willing to add a new genre or artist to our collection.

I found his two selections most telling.

First, it had to be a non-offensive song and able to be shared in class . . no easy hurdle. Obviously these songs would qualify, but so did thousands of others. Second, he seemed to find two songs with what I think have an incredible beat and rhythm. The lyrics are outstanding, but I think he was attracted to the beat, which was so comfortable for him. It got him up and moving. He kept listening to the two songs.

In the interest of full disclosure, the version I had on my Ipod was the Uncle Kracker version. Even if I could locate the 45 I had bought as a kid, it is still likely at my mom's house and I would not have a turn-table upon which to play it. I gladly paid to download the song about a year ago, finally getting a chance to listen to a song that meant so much to me when I was about ten, a year or two after your song hit the radio. I will never forget your name or the song that is indelibly linked to you and my so very happy childhood that was filled with music and smiles. Interestingly, I was about the same age as my son is now!

Finally, he made his choice after I pulled up the lyrics to both songs off the Internet because he had to discuss the meaning of the lyrics as part of the project. He was so confused as to why "Drift Away" is now being performed by Uncle Kracker, a name he is not familiar with, and Dobie Gray. It led to a great conversation about songwriters, performers and re-makes, and re-releases. What an incredible learning lesson on so many fronts.

Then, I went to U-tube and there was your performance from many years ago. It was incredible. My daughter Ellie (8 years old) came over to enjoy it with us. We were joined by my wife who reminded us that it was now an hour after bedtime. She was right. After kissing my two kids goodnight you can see their joyful smiles as they so wanted to see more of your performances, which I had lined up under the search terms. They were engaged. Jacob's last words to me tonight, were what kind of music was Drift Away called, is it oldies? I said, "It is likely old because it was around when I was around, but I would place it into the R&B category as I am not that old." He was satisfied and so was I. I closed the lights and went back to my room.
I went back to the Internet and found your website and some great recent articles on you and your career. What a ride and what a pleasure it was to catch up with you and your career and a very simple time in my life. But for Jacob's assignment and his great taste in music, it may have been years by the time I made the time to research you or "Drift Away." I printed up some articles for him and left them in his room, which he shares with my daughter.

I can't wait for him to read the articles. I am more excited to read whatever he produces for this project. It will give me even more insight into his feelings and thoughts.

With today's tragic news of so many killings on a college campus, the lyrics of Mentor Williams have just as much force today as they did over 30 years ago.

"Give me the beat, boy, and free my soul; I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away."

Your voice, your melody and your music still allows us to escape and contemplate a more peaceful enjoyable time when life sometimes shows the world as being so unkind.

I merely wanted to share with you this enjoyable moment I shared with my family and I hope it makes you feel as good as it has made me feel. Wishing you peace, happiness and many more years of practicing your craft. You are making a difference in ways you may never know. And of course, find some time for yourself.
Warm regards,

Michael Marcus



Your wonderful voice and your beautiful records have meant a great deal to
me over the years.
I saw you live just once and it was memorable - at the Paradise in Boston in
the late 70's after a horrible bus trip into town. It didn't stop you from
giving an excellent concert.

Best Wishes
Jeff van Gelder
Fahrenzhausen, Germany

Hi Dobie-
It's an honor and pleasure to write to you. I send you much respect and thanks for the great music and entertainment you've given me. I was wondering if you could help me remember the names of one of your songs as I'd like to replace a record I gave to a friend as a gift. It goes something like "Those downtown bars and the honky-tonks, is where I long to be, it's been so long since I wrote a song, I miss the feeling I get playing with the band." I know it's not much to go on but if you know the song I'm talking about I'd really appreciate your assistance. Thank you very much and God bless you...

Larry Sommer

Hi Dobie,
My name is Cheryl Fabbro and I live in Sudbury, ON, Canada and I wanted to email you to thank you for the song Drift Away.
My brother Mike Savage who was only 42 years old passed away this past December 19, 2006 from a nine month battle of esophageal cancer. His all time favorite song throughout his life was Drift Away. When I asked him what music he would like played at his funeral he replied "Drift Away and make sure it is the version sung by Dobie Gray." We have also included the words to your song on his earn.
My two older brothers and I stood at the front of the church and we led his friends and family in singing Drift Away. It was so beautiful and I could feel Mike's spirit was with us. I know he is in a better place now as it was horrific to watch him suffer the way he did. He was a fighter and fought a long battle right to the end. He leaves behind a son of 12 years and a daughter just 10 months old.
My brother Brian Savage who recently retired from the NHL and my father John are now trying to make people aware of the early symptoms of esophageal cancer. Mike suffered from chronic heartburn for 10 years and it was in fact the acid reflux that caused his cancer. He discovered it too late and that is why he is no longer with us. I am writing this email not only to thank you for your inspirational song "Drift Away" but I was also wondering if you would want to help raise awareness of this deadly disease? I am including an article which my brother Brian and my father John have put together. Please read it and if you are interested in helping out with the awareness of this disease it would be greatly appreciated and I know it would mean so much to Mike.
He loved your music and I only hope that he continues to hear it wherever he is now.
If you could respond back that would be great but if you are busy I truly understand.
Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing back from you.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Fabbro

This is the link for the article on my brother.


My wife and I have been married 35 years..and we played you then and play you now..you have a great gift..and you sing with true soul..thanks for the joy you're given us!

Hope you still are involved with helping people learn to read..very impressed when I heard you were doing that..will be looking for your new CD..

Happy New Year - you're the best man!

John wilson
West Monroe, La.






2007 Dobie Gray

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